Is Jesus coming or not?

I have been going to church regularly for more than twenty years. The first time I walked into a church I heard about the promise of the second coming of Jesus.  As a matter of fact it was told to me that he was coming back soon.  Many thought soon meant any moment.  Now 20 years later that same message is being preached.  So the question remains,  Is Jesus coming back?    If so, when is soon! 


Over the years I have notice that many have grown weary of the topic while others have pushed it to the point of setting dates.  To this point all the date setters have been wrong and I am sure (since Jesus said he didn't know) they will always be wrong.  What are we to believe?  There is so much speculation how can we know?


The Bible is certainly not silent on the issue. Here are some points to ponder.  (1) Jesus said he was coming back (2) Peter tells us that many will scoff at the thought of a second coming (3) Paul spoke of the second coming often.  If you are a Bible believer - it is hard to take an honest look at the scripture and not believe in the second coming.  As a matter of fact, you would have to disregard the words of Jesus, Peter, and Paul.  If you did that - it would be safe to say that you don't believe the Bible.


That leads us to one final question; why does everyone keep saying he is coming soon? 


 As we get closer to the moment of Jesus's return - the signs will get stronger (such as birth pains).  Each generation has watched prophecy be fulfilled with increased intensity.  We now stand in a world that is capable of fulfilling the prophecy in Revelation 13 regarding buying or selling with a mark (you know 666).  Think of it - that was obsurd 20 years ago, but today it is becoming increasingly more probable.  With all that said we still do not know the day - but are left with these words;


When you see these things look up because your redemption draws nigh. 


My simple conclusion is this: (1) God didn't want us to know or he would have told us (2) God has given us many signs thst point to his coming (3) He said when you see these things - LOOK UP! (4) If there was ever a time to look up - it is now.....Jesus is coming soon


Why should I be baptised?

Do I have to be baptised to be saved?  The simple answer is "NO". Why then do I need to be baptised? To answer that question let me first define baptism - the word means "to dunk".  In other words you can baptise a donut.  Baptism is symbolic of the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ.  As you go under the water you are indentifing with his death - as you come up you are identifing with his resurrection. Baptism is a believers public declaration that they believe that Jesus the Christ died and was raised from the dead.  In addition, Baptism is obedience to the Word of God.  In God's all knowing wisdom he chose baptism as a symbolic act for a believer.  


Who can be baptised?  Baptism is a public expression of your heart.  Anyone who believes that God raised Jesus from the dead and has confessioned Jesus as Lord can be baptised.  Remember Christianity is of the heart - not outward ritual.  This symbolic gesture is to express an inward sincerity. If a person is not sincere in their commitment they will just be getting wet.  


What is the difference between baptism and christening (baby dedication)?  During a christening - a parent acknowledges their commitment to bring up the child in the way of the Lord. The child is making no commitment to the Lord at that point. On the other hand a baptism can only take place when a person has made a commitment to Christ and chooses by his\her own will to be baptised. No one can make this decision for you.  


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