Harvest Life Ministries was founded in 2003 as a non-denominational church.  The foundation of the church is the Word of God.  It is clear from the Bible that there will come a time when men will not endure sound doctrine but will heap to themselves teachers that will tell them what the want to hear. We believe we are in that time.  People are becoming increasingly resistant to TRUTH.  God is looking for those who will stand for TRUTH.


Our Beliefs:


The Bible

1.  Is the Word of God

2.  Jesus quoted it as God's Word

3.  Peter said it was a sure word of prophecy

4.  Paul expressed the need to focus on it

5.  Much of it is prophecy - some of those have come to pass; some will come to pass

6.  It is TRUTH


God - Father

1. Is love

2. Greatest act of love was to send Jesus to pay for my sin

3. It is his will that all would be saved

4. Is generous and kind

5.  Will judge those who reject his offer of grace

6.  Created us because he wanted a family  (Gen 1 build us a house)




1. He was born of a virgin

2. He was sent from God to save us from our sins

3. He was crucified, buried, and rose again 

4. All who receive him will be "saved"

5. There is no other way to God's forgiveness but Jesus

6. He is coming back 



Holy Spirit:

1. Indwells believers

2.  Will guide believers in all the truth

3.  Will reveal Jesus 

4.  Will convict the world of sin and need for a savior



1.  Is horrible beyond your imagination

2.  Anyone who dies without Jesus will be lost eternally in Hell

3.  It is not God's will that anyone go there.



1.  God wants to restore every part of your life

2.  Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual healing is a part of the Work of Christ

3.  Healing is a free Gift like salvation - you can have it today

4.  The Bible speaks of several different ways to be healed (lay hands, believe the Word, gifts of healing)



1.  It is better than you think

2.  If you could see it - you would not be so concerned about this world's goods

3.  It is full of God's goodness



1.  very destructive

2.  Jesus became sin - so that I could be righteous

3.  You will let Jesus pay for your sin or you will pay for it 

4.  All have sinned and need a Savior




1.  Created by God as a Arch Angel

2.  Rebelled against God - took 1/3 of the Angel with him in rebellion

3.  Called the 'god of the world" - meaning he drives the thinking of ungodly people

4.  will deceive the world with lying wonders

5.  Is a liar

6.  Has been defeated by Jesus and will face eternal doom

7.  Is real being

8.  Has no authority over a christian

9.  His existence is denied by most ot the world - thus he has power to deceive them.







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