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We are comitted to "STEP UP".  Our goal is to become a better son, father, husband, leader, and christian.  One step at a time we will become better men - have better families - and bring about change in our communities. Join in and "STEP UP" with us.


The next Sunday 9am Men's class starts on

January 14th 2018  Ed Coles book

Communication,Sex & Money


Please sign up so we have enough books.


Most men would do almost anything to overcome their three primary problems in relationships with women. Cole has solid solutions for all three. Complete with everyday examples, readers will learn to defeat difficulties and create a satisfying, peace-filled, long-lasting marriage. For years, men have called this Christian bestseller the "sex and money" book, while wives have bought it for husbands in hopes of improving communication. Whatever the motiviation, thousands of men have turned their relationships around by applying these time-proven patterns and principles.

There are 5 things that kept Isreal out of the promises of God. (Lust, Idolatry, Fornication, Murmuring, Tempting God) The Bible says that this is an example to us..  "Step up" is going to help you and your family enter into the promises..The method is simple: "STEP UP" - one step at a time.  Get ready for God's blessing like you have never known it..  



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