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Why Sports Ministry?

Several years ago I heard someone ask Terry (head of sport's ministry) why a church needs a sports ministry program.  His response to that question left little room for argument on the subject.  He replied - When I first started playing softball with the church, I was in it more for the softball.  I knew church was important but I never realized how important.  I never realized it could radically change my life.  The sports ministry program kept me connected to the church long enough to see the importance of the Word of God.  Sports mininstry was the bridge that God used to bring me to a greater understanding of him. Today, Terry and his wife Bonny are heading up the sports ministry program.  They run the program on the motto: (1) Honor God (2) Honor the Church.. 

2017 Softball Season:

In the 1st week of May the season begins.  This year HLM has one co-ed team.  The team has a full rooster of 18 players and several fill in players.  Come out and cheer them on!

2016 - Gray 18 Blue 15

The Gray captures the 2016 Blue and Gray classic by beating the Blue 18-15.  The Blue started out strong getting out to a 9-2 lead.  In appeared that they might walk away with the game. In the 6th inning the Gray came storming back and eventually took the lead 18-14. The Blue came charging back in the ninth - scoring to make it 18-15, having two players on base, and the tie run at the plate with only 1 out.  The Blue hit a line drive (seemingly a sure hit) that Jesse jumped and caught to seal the victory for the Gray.  The series is now 2-1 Gray.  

2015 softball season - a great success

The 2015 softball season was a great success.  Both HLM teams ended the season with winning records.  The game of the season for both teams was the one meeting between the Blue and the Gray (both HLM teams).  The Blue team won 11-10 on a 9th inning single by Butch (see picture to right).  The series between the Blue and the Gray is now tied at 1-1.  (Gray won in 2014).  We hope everyone had a great time and look forward to doing it again next year.  Picture above are many of the Blue and Gray team members

Terry - Coach

Bonny - Asst Coach

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