Children & Youth Ministries 

Nursery to Teen

We understand how important your child is to you and to God.  Therefore we take our role as teaches and examples of the Word of God very serious.  Currently. we offer classes for nursery, ages 3-6, ages 7-12, and 13 and up.  Our aim is to give each child an understanding of biblical truth,  an understanding of the needs of the less fortunate, and lots of fun activities. 


We have built our youth program around these fundamental truths:


    Our strategy:  We believe there are 5 fundamental questions that are facing young christians today:

           1. Is the Bible true? What is the evidence?

           2. Is God the creator or science? (random or intelligent design)

           3. Are people basically good or are they fallen from God?

           4. Is Jesus the only way or are there many ways?

           5. Is Christianity just a mental crutch or is it to be lived in the power of the Holy Spirit?


These concepts will be taught at an increasing intensity as you child grows through the program.  The ultimate goal is to produce christians who have the ability to stand upon and defend their faith.


   Class Activities:

Bible teaching, praise, crafts, games, snack, question and answers sessions, prayers



   Other youth activities:

Putt Putt and Pizza, VBS, game nights, other special activities, skits





Children 3-6


Children 7-12









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