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Prophecy by Kenneth Copeland


FEB 2015

“My greatest moments,” saith The LORD, “My greatest manifestations, My grandest visitations and the demonstrations of My greatness and My power are always yet still ahead.“My greatest days are not behind Me,” saith God. “My greatest is always before Me. For I am ever and ever and ever and ever beyond what you can ask or think. Hallelujah! So be like Me. Get your eyes on the future. For I am your future,” saith The LORD. “I am your wonders and your signs,” saith the Spirit of grace. “For these are My times and you are Mine. I belong to you and you belong to Me, and we’ll do this thing together, and you’ll surely be glad that Jesus is your LORD.” 


JUNE 2015

For the word has come to me this morning saying, "Heaven is on the move.  The kingdom of God is being stirred from its roots up to the throne of the living God.  For this is our time! saith the Lord.  This is your and my day.  This is our time,  No, NO, this is not Islam's time.  This is not the economy's time.  This is our time. said God! We are in victory.  We are moving in victory.  Enjoy the victory with me. saith The Lord, because the battle is won!"

Recent Activities:

Aug 30 - Baptism Pictures

In August - 7 people were baptized.  



Church Picnic Pictures

Great time at the church picnic.  We crowned a new corn hole champion.



Sept - Youth Camping Trip

A great time with a great bunch of young people.



Wednesday Night Service:


What is the heart?  How do you guard it?  Why does it matter? ....These and other questions will be answered in the Wednesday Night Series - "Guard your Heart".  The Bible study begins at 7:00 and last for approximately 1 hour.  



Friday Night Service:


HLM is holding a marriage and relationship seminar on the first four fridays in October.  This teaching will assist married couples, engaged couples, and those who desire to be married in the future.  The meetings begins at 7:00 and last about one hour.  

Sunday Morning Service:


Pastor Jeff is currently teaching a series called "Caveman".  In this series you will be encouraged and empowered to break out of the dark places of the mind.  Are you ready for the best year of your life?  

Upcoming Events:

October Marriage Class (Fridays)
November Family Fun Night
Victory Campaign

Current Events:


Sept 26-27          Youth overnight Camping Trip

Oct                      The Story of Marriage

Nov 8                   Youth Service 

Nov  22                Family Fun Night

Nov 12-14           Kenneth Copeland Meeting

Service Schedule:



  9:30      Sunday School

  10:30     Morning Worship & Children Church 

  1st Sunday of Every Month is Communion


   7:00      Bible Study